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5-2 win BRO vs hungarian tanks 
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Pulled back to help in the defense of London the first infantry division Takes on a Hungarian tank company. Once again Captain Briggs and his company dug in and prepared to hold the line against the invaders.

Mission: hold the line

US Rifle company
Hq: cic, 2ic + 2 bazookas
Com: 3 squads+ bazooka
Com: 3 squads+ bazooka
Com: 3 squads+ bazooka
4 m1a1 105mm arty
4 m4 sherman
4 m10 TD
Priority Air

Hungarian Tank company
Hq: panther
Com: 2 panther
Com: 2 panther
3 turan
5 toldi
full infantry platoon
2 nimrods
The map was a covered in bombed out buildings. The Americans deployed the 105 guns on table left flank and 1 and 2 infantry platoons were set to ambush on both objectives. Captain Briggs and 1 platoon set up in the Bank of England amiss many a joke about pulling some sort of bank heist! In reserve was the 3 platoon and the armor platoons. Much like the German armor had been doing the Hungarians stacked up on the left flank with their toldis, turans, and a panther platoon. the infantry came down the middle hugging terrain while the 2 panther platoon cruised down the right side of the table.

Turns 1-4 were mostly spent with the Hungarians moving to engage and some pot shots from both sides. But with the veteran Americans concealed and gone to ground enemy fire was ineffective. While the us air corp managed to kill a panther and the arty killed 2 of the toldi tanks.

Turn 5 was the beginning of a brutal close range fight over the bank objective. the tanks managed to kill 2 infantry team then assaulted. First in was the toldi tanks, bazooka fire killed one of them in defensive fire. the resulting fight saw two infantry teams killed and another 2 toldis dead. but 1 platoon was forced to fall back into the bank and regroup. The turhans moved onto the objective with a hussar move. Sherman came on from reserve and moved up on the right to engage the 2 panther platoon. 1 platoon moved up and shot another toldi dead with the bazookas and then captured the last one in assault consolidating back into the protection of the bank. Fire from the Sherman picked of on of the panthers.

Turn 6 Turans and panthers launch a assault against 1 platoon at the bank. Again the bazookas put paid to one of the attacking tanks for the loss of two more of their own and in the confusion of the attack the other turans were captured! Then the cic and the other panther decided it was time to finish this fight. The badly beaten 1 platoon heard the monsters coming and readied themselves es for yet another assault. Bazooka Joe managed to bail out one of the panthers but the other crushed a team beneath its tracks. down to just the platoon leader and two bazookas 1 platoon counter attacked and captured the bailed panther after the cic was forced to fall back. Sadly this last fight was just to much for the survivors to take and they headed for the rear. To their credit they had accounted for 1 panther, 3 turan, 1 nimrod and 4 toldis, quite a tank park for mere foot sloggers! The Americans received both 3 platoon and the m10 from reserve. American gunnery from the Sherman killed the last panther and a nimrod, while the m10 killed the cic. At that point the Hungarians surrendered as they had no hope of winning the fight.

5-2 wi n for the allies

1 us riflle platoon min us 2 bazookas and the command team

For the Hungarians

5 panther
5 toldis
3 turan
2 nimrod
3 stands of infantry


Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:58 am
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