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2nd ID face panzergrenadiers in london 
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We did not have our own camera's for this game, but the store took pictures and will be emailing them to me.

I was running the 2nd ID out of an advance copy of devils charge:
HQ: CiC 2iC
Rifle Platoon + 4 bazookas
Rifle platoon + 4 bazookas
Weapons Platoon (1 section)
3 Recon jeeps
3 57mm guns
Tank destroyers
5x trained stuarts
155mm battery

My opponent ran Panzergrenadiers out of grey wolf.
HQ: CiC 2iC
Panzergrenadier platoon
Panzergrenadier platoon
5x Pz4
Otto and kersher

Mission is No Retreat at 1750 points

Deployment: I deploy as far forward as possible with both my rifle platoons, I place artillery in the back behind some bombed out buildings. 57mm guns are in ambush. All other units are in reserve. My opponent Sends one panzergrenadier unit down the center and the other down my left flank. The tigers supported from the center and the pzIV ran down the left with the grenadiers.

Turn 1: All the germans moved forward and assaulted one of the rifle platoons with panzer grenadiers still mounted. All other units provided covering fire. The germans made it through defensive fire and killed several american teams in the assault. The american counter attack destroyed a halftrack. The germans failed their morale and broke off. US artillery pounded the german tanks but did no damage. Infantry on the right re-positioned to support the left. no reserves arrived. Americans popped the ambush on the left most Pzgrens and took out 2 halftracks.

Turn2: The germans poured heavy fire into the american platoon. on the left, eventually routing it with effective fire. The AT guns fell to a german assault. Tanks rolled through the city around the now unoccupied buildings. The remaining rifle platoon fell back to cover the now exposed obejective. The Americans move from building to building to avoid being exposed. They call in more arty but only manage to kill a single halftrack.

turn3: Tanks manuver around the buildings to set up a new firing line, germans infantry dismount and occupy buildings opposite the american line. German counter- battery fire pins down the us artillery, and they fail to unpin. American rifle fire whittle down the advancing germans significantly but cannot break them. US TD recon moves on the table from reserve headed down the road, but it out of range to MG the advancing germans.

turn 4: All five pz 4's drive onto the US objective and open up on the TD security section, but only manage to knock out a single M20. The german infantry decides to try and whittle down the americans before attempting to cross the street onto the objective. An intense firefight begins with the americans occupying buildings on one side of the street and the germans occupying buildings on the other. Hellcats spring their ambush from a nearby ruin and throw al 8 of their shots into the pzIV's, getting 5 hits, and 5 dead tanks! In one round of shooting the entire panzer platoon is destroyed!

turn 5: Tigers return fire on the hellcats, knocking 3 out and bailing another, the hellcats hang in there though. The germans continue to shoot with all they have at the infantry in the building, but cannot move them. Jeeps arrive from reserve and harass german infantry. AAA also arrive and pepper the german infantry to little effect. The hellcat refuses to remount and the artillery still does not unpin.

turn6: the lines remain mostly static. Stuarts come on from reserve and fire into the leftmost panzer grenadiers who are now mounted in their halftracks, but none of the shots connect. arillery still will not unpin.

turn 7:Tigers take out most of the stuarts while the german infantry that had been mounted dismount and duck into a pile of rubble to the left of the american rifle platoon. The americans now have germans both infront of them AND next to them. Still the rifles refuse to be moved by MG fire. jeeps continue to harass german infantry while the nebelwerfers fire into them, the rockets have no effect on the small vehicles though!

turn8: the german patience wears out and they attempt an assault. despite being pinned, 4 rifle teams and 2 bazookas see off the germans with 5 hits. Both panzergrenadier platoons are near breaking, one only has a single stand left!

turn9 onward: The americans pour as much fire as they can into the weak german platoons but they refuse to break. tigers wipe out the AAA the and the stuarts. With the rifles, the hellcats, and the AT guns already gone, I am forced to take a company morale check. The americans fall back, giving this city block to the germans: 5-2 axis victory

Pics coming soon soon

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