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Tigers vs Para's in Essex 
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This is the mission Briefing for Dad:
Operation Blue Whale 1944, Essex Sector, South-Eastern England, 50 miles north of London.
In the distance, a lone Bren carrier makes its way across the battlefield. Burning tanks litter the ground from a recent ambush by British Anti-tank guns. This is the last Highway and defensive position before the main supply route to London. If this Bridgehead is established, Panzergrenadiers will be able to capture the supply route ahead and cut off London. You Have however been given Priority Air support with Stuka’s for this operation, and you will be able to directly command them from your tank, with the help of a famous Fallschirmjaeger Commander who has seen action in Crete, Stalingrad and the initial invasion.
Attached to your Company is a Fallschirmjaeger platoon. You can upgrade this platoon as much as you want without any cost. Also, this platoon will not cost you anything.
Your objectives:
Mission 1:
To establish a bridgehead on the opposite side of the river.
Mission 2:
To Destroy any British guns
Mission 3:
To Destroy any British Armour in the Area.
Special Rules for lack of Models:
Your Company has only 3 Tigers left, gaps in the platoons shall be filled with Panzer IV D’s.
Your Company Commander counts as Obersturm-Fuhrer Michael WIttmann and as such costs an extra 100 points.
All Tiger Platoons only have 1 Tiger tank, and as such, only cost 240 if you wish to only have one tank in the platoon. If you wish to reinforce the platoon, then you reinforce the Platoon with Panzer IV H’s at 110 points each.

My briefing was much simpler than Dad's,
1500 points British Para's, Defend the bridge, kill as many tigers as possible and Attempt to recapture the opposite side of the river.

Since I knew that I would only be able to kill Dad's tigers with Assaults or PIAT's, those were my focus, buying enough to have every platoon Armed with one.

My Force:
Company HQ
+3 PIATs attached out to, A/T, HMG and Mortar platoons
2x Parachute Rifle Platoon
1x Parachute Mortar Platoon
1x Parachute HMG Platoon
1x Parachute Engineer Platoon + PIAT and Mortar
1x Airlanding Anti Tank Platoon (6pdrs)
1x Airlanding Rifle Platoon

Dad's Force:
SS-Company HQ Tiger (Wittmann Rules)
2x SS-Tiger Platoons w/ 3 Panzers each for reinforcements
1x Schwere Armoured SS-Scout Platoon (2 squads)
1x Schwere SS-Panzer Pioneer Platton (1 squad)

Using Hasty Attack (Less the objectives). Dad kept a Tiger platoon and his Pioneer Platoon in Reserve. With Dad as the attacker in mind, I chose to keep my Glider troops, Mortars and an infantry platoon in reserve. I Put my First Rifle platoon in Immediate ambush which I placed in a field next to my engineers.
Turn 1
Dad moved his 1st tiger and Panzers into a field, his second advanced up the road and his Scouts followed. His CiC moved along the back edge of the board. Dad shot up my 17pdr but failed to hit anything else.

With my big gun gone, i would struggle to kill any Tigers at long range. Withou moving anything, I decided to try and take out as many Oanzers as possible before they got too close. I opened up with two 6pdrs at the Panzers, scored a hit, but couldn't kill anything.
turn two
dad moved his tigers up close to the river, backed up by their reinforcements. His Scouts kept close to the tigers as well, but brought themselves into my field of fire. Dad also pushed his CiC up through the field. He opened up his panzers and a tiger at my 6pdrs and mortars, scoring two hits and taking out a 6pdr. His Half-tracks opened up on another 6pdr scoring two hits taking it out as well.

Feeling troubled, by recent developments, i began to dig in my troops. the 6pdrs dug in being my most vital troops before bailing a Panzer. That platoons PIAT also knocked out a Halftrack killing the passengers.

2x 6pdrs
1x Halftrack
!x G' Infantry.

Turn 3
dad remounted his panzer and pushed his half tracks and Tiger onto the bridge, right next to a PIAT.All other teams followed him. His Panzers waiting in the field aimed at my Mortars, Tigers against PIATS and the observer tean. A half track also aimed for a PIAT.
He killed a Mortar, and two PIATS.

Being annoyed at this, i decided that the half tracks would go as i ambushed his Tiger. I bailed a Half track (the dice gots dislike me) and my PIAT didn't even get to touch the Tiger. My mortars, ranged in on a PAnzer and half tracks but once again, did nothing.

turn 4
Dad pushed his tiger within 10cm of my infantry and had the halftracks close behind. All troops not already at the bridge where there now and i was in trouble. His tiger fired on my 6pdrs with support from a Half track, but failed to hit anything. the rest of his shooting, killed an engineer team, observer and a light mortar. He assaulted, and killed a 6pdr and the commander to my mortars. However, i managed to kill that pesky tiger eventually. on the other side, his Panzer and another half-track and killed one stand. I failed that platoons motivation and pulled back to be assaulted again losing three more teams before his teams pulled back. i rolled for reserves and got a platton on. i then opened up on half tracks and killed two and their passengers.

turn 5
dad's half tracks stayed on (i was in trouble now!) his CIC moved up the road and a panzer pulled back next to him. more panzers moved across the bridge as the Half tracks began pulling back. he fired upon my infantry killing two bases. forcing a morale check which passed.
I assaulted dads CIC with mine and a PIAT. Dad, sadly declined my offer to a duel by revving his engine a few times. Eventually after three turns of combat, BLEW IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!! After that, I decided against a further assault as i did not want to do anything silly.

Turn 6
with the loss of the cic, dad's platoons went and failed their motivation checks before they advanced to the rear. with a very very hard game, both dad and i agreed that that would be a day and there would be no more gaming tonight. My commander returned with his company back to Glasgow for some R&R and everyone was shouted drinks from my CiC for his crazy act. Hardly believing i did not lose a single platoon, i will in the future be using my paras more often.

sorry for the bad grammar guys, and the giving up on casualties, but i am a tried little boy and after another good tiger hunt it was bed time.

Allies win 6-1


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Allies 6-1 - you can't ask for more than that (but I am partisan!)


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