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SS-Panzergrenadiers get smashed by British Infantry in Essex 
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This is my first game for Sea Lion and Dad and I were quite enthusiastic about it.
We both put our best forces against eachother in the hope of either encircling London, or saving it another day.
Dad chose the "Hitler-Jugden" SS-Panzerpionierkompanie and I chose my Grenadier Guards to hold them off.
We set a limit of 6 rounds and 1300 points to make for a fast game. We used decided on a simple objective of Dad breaking through my lines and pushing off my side of the table. Then we got ready for a good fight.
(Sorry for no pictures, we had no camera's nearby for the battle)

My Force: ... Guards.pdf
Company HQ
Guards Motor Platoon (with extra MG team)
Guards Motor Platoon (with extra MG team)
Guards Armoured Platoon (Shermans)
Guards Anti-Tank Platoon
Guards MG Platoon
Home Guard Company (2 Platoons, Automatic Rifles, Sticky Bombs)

Dad's Force: Earth and Steel
Company HQ
+ Machine Gun section
SS-Panzer Pioneer Platoon
SS-Panzer Pioneer Platoon
SS Schwere Panzer Platoon

Dad put his Tiger on the road and his Halftracks in the fields. With Dad's aim to push through off my side of the table, the tiger had the best chance of making it.
I placed my Sherman's in the forest and behind some craters giving them some cover from the tigers gun. My HMG's waited in the orchard ready to push into the church. My Last infantry Platoon waited in the forest ready to move into an assaulting position. I placed my 6pdrs in Ambush.

We rolled and I got the first turn.

turn 1
I moved a Sherman up beside the Hill getting it ready to hit the side armour of the tiger when it came down. I got my HMG's beside the church and my infantry doubled towards the fields. I didn't shoot this turn, opting to keep things quit until Dad got in lethal range.

Dad moved his Tigers up the road. He then tried to move his half-tracks through the fields, but three bogged down in the process. Nothing else happened this turn, and the anxiety began to roll in on the troops.

Turn 1 Casualties

Turn 2
I once again kept my tanks stationary and kept moving my infantry up towards the field. My HMG's got into the church and got ready.
Then, i opened up my firefly scoring a hit against one of the tigers penetrating the armour and destroying it, breaking the silence in Essex.

Dad, losing a tiger rushed His final one into the cover of a forest. He kept pushing his half tracks forward, freeing all but one, only to have another bog down in the field. Then he fired one of the half tracks mg's at my PIAT, but failed to kill it.
nothing else happened, but hell would break loose next turn.

Turn 2 Casualties
1x Tiger

Turn 3
I didn't get reserves this turn, but that didn't stop me. I moved my PIAT into a firing position against Dad's half-tracks scoring a kill. The rest of his platoon moved up next to him ready to receive an assault. My remaining platoons stayed still, ready for anything that might come their way.

Dad began moving up to assault, but couldn't free any halftracks, and had two more bog down, one dangerously close to my infantry. the rest of his force remained where they were, preparing plans to move past my tanks and push through and behind my lines.
He the assaulted! Only to have 1 halftrack bog, one bail out, and another destroyed along with it's passengers. His attack fell back and stayed there under harassing fire from my infantry.

turn 3 casualties
2 half-traks,
3 Infantry teams.

Turn 4
It was monig towards the endo of the battle and I needed to get rid of at least one platoon of infantry before I called it a day. I got a platoon of infantry in from reserves and pushed my original platoon up to the edge of the crater. The PIAT's and mortar opened up on the half tracks bailing out two and forcing the two platoons to dismount. I also made a brave move and pushed my Firefly out into the open to try and take out the other Tiger. I rolled and scored a six! the round penetrated the armour of the turret (with Dad leaving the room for five minutes after rolling a 1) and then finished it off. Without the tigers, I would have no problem mopping up the infantry over the next two turns.

Dad couldn't believe I killed both his tigers and began moving his infantry back to a more defensive position around the lone house. he fired with a rifle team scoring his first kill against me this whole game.

turn 4 casualties
German: 1 Tiger
British: 1 PIAT

Turn 5
I pushed my infantry forward again. I also doubled a Sherman Up the road near the grenadiers ready to get rid of them next turn. My infantry opened up on the grenadiers in the field scoring two more kills. from there, my teams waited quietly to see what would happen.

Dad's grenadier's that i shot at required a motivation check and only just managed to stay on. He dug in his platoon nearest to the house but couldn't do the same with the other. They did however get their revenge against my infantry scoring two more kills against me.
Turn 5 casualties
Germans: two infantry teams
British: two infantry teams

Turn 6
As the final turn took place, I would do as mcuh as possible to get rid of these pesky germans. My infantry moved forward firing, but failed to hit anything. My Sherman;s moved in and killed the HQ platoon and another infantry team. I then Assaulted the Infantry on all fronts but lost another infantry team before reaching the Grenadiers where i scored five kills. The Germans motivated against me but couldn't score any kills. My guys pushed at them again scoring two more kills. The crazy platoon commanders were the last left of the Germans, and would not go down without a fight, scoring a kill and bailing a Sherman. But my boys kept going, thanking the FoW gods that I had the British bulldog rule finishing off the Germans.

Dad, with nothing but a HMG team left conceded defeat, and withdrew his company from Essex, "reinforcing for another day" he said.
it was a good match, but Dad felt what could happen to a crazy Commander against prepared troops.

With my first 6-1 victory, I was stoked was properly awarded with a good coke from my defeated Father


Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:02 am
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