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Star Wars Armada recent Tourney Experience - Old Work Horses 
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So I jumped in a Star Wars Armada tournament this weekend. I won...yay! But bragging is not the point of this post. What I thought was significant was how my mostly earlier wave fleet held up.

I had been out of practice with Armada and really only jumped in this tournament at le last minute. Literally created my fleet that morning before I left for the LGS. I had Imperial Fighters II and the Corrilian campaign that I got the week prior. But I was very apprehensive about playing against kit I had never seen before in objectives I have never run before. And though I have one pack each of the flotillas for a couple of months, I had never played with them or against them either!

But I had been listening to the IFF podcast, and if one message came through in the recent episodes that was still resonating for me it was "The meta is wide open right now!" So I figured "what the hey!" Let's throw together a list and give it a go. Worst case scenario, it would fun as a learning experience.

So my build. Another message that resonated from the IFF podcast was "Demolisher is still a thing!" I have it and have used it before, so felt that was a keeper. I wanted to "try" some new items and some new objectives and I quickly came up with the following:

ISD-II, Admiral Ozzel
Demolisher w/ Engine Techs
Imperial Raider-II
Imperial Raider-II
Gozanti Assault Flotilla

So only three upgrade cards, including the Admiral, on my ships. Most firepower enhancement/manipulation. With Ozzel, my focus was going to be on maneuver.

For Squadrons I had:

Mahor Rymher
TIE Bomber
TIE Advanced Tempest
TIE Advanced

I REALLY REALY wanted to work in the Lamda Shuttle to try it out, but I was not willing to give up any other squadrons to get it. I came to the realization that my squadron group needed to work and stay together and the need for long range push of just two may not come into play.

Fleet was 195 points. I would take 1st player is that was an option, but also felt really good about my chances with my objectives as 2nd player.

For Objectives I had:

Blockade Run - Never played it, but with a bunch of fast ships it felt good.
Hyperspace Assault - No one wants Demolisher jumping in behind them.
Sensor Net - Never played it but I had a lot of fast ships and Ozzel would let me quickly de-accelerate for a 2nd or maybe 3rd objective grab. The one time I was 2nd player, this is what was picked by my opponent.

I ended up winning both (it was a six player event so we kept it at two rounds) of my games...but the really amazing part was I won them both without losing a ship! It almost happened in game 1 where Ozzel put the brakes on the ISD-II to keep it from sailing off the board on turn 5. It was "stuck" with it's nose in the corner at speed 0, but the battle was far behind it at that point.

I had missed all of the local Armada events over the last few months and have really have not played any pick up games either. So I just wanted to share here that you can be effective, even if you are not "up to date" in this game. Expect for the TIE Advanced Tempest and the two objective cards my fleet was all Wave III and honestly I think It would have been just fine if I left Wave IV and V completely out of the equation. That is why I wanted to share this post. If you're feeling "left behind" in Armada....don't! The old work horses still pull their weight!


Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:45 pm
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Wow! That's awesome! Very interesting list :)

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Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:47 pm
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Thanks! My main hope is that players who feel they may not be up so much on the latest waves can still have fun and do well.

Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:05 am
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