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Fog & Friction WW2 card game in development 
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Hello fellow gamers!

My name is Tom and I represent one half of Pondfoot Games, a new indie game dev company. We are currently developing a WWII themed card game and are looking for more blind play testers. Although not technically an LCG (for legal reasons obviously) Steve suggested I post about it in this forum anyway. So if the thought if a WWII card game with some LCG elements appeals to you, then read on!


Fog & Friction World War II
The expandable card game for 2 players

In the Summer of 1944 the Allied invasion of France began, the fate of Europe now lay in the hands of military commanders. As one of those commanders, you must take control of either an Allied or Axis combined arms force and lead them to victory. Will you use cunning and deception to out-think and out-manoeuver your enemy, or rely on tanks and guns to smash through their lines with brute force? You will have to manage your resources carefully, deciding when and how to commit your forces for best effect as you fight across multiple battlefields at once. But no plan survives contact with the enemy, do you have what it takes to overcome the unpredictable Fog & Friction of war and prove yourself as the greatest military commander?

Battles are won by slaughter and manoeuvre.
The greater the general, the more he contributes in manoeuvre, the less he demands in slaughter.

- Winston Churchill

Fog & Friction is now available on Kickstarter!

head on over to the Campaign Page to check out the game and available rewards!


Fog & Friction WWII is an expandable card game that has elements of traditional CCG/LCG games with a deck building component, mixed with the psychology and bluff of games like poker, using hundreds of beautifully designed original cards. Select your deck from a diverse range of historical forces and fight across Western Europe in a war of wits, deception and combat.

The game has now reached a stage in development where we believe the Core Decks are release-ready. After a substantial period of play testing and some valuable feedback, the decks are now well balanced and working as intended. We have also redesigned how the Expansion Decks will work and have the first one for each faction balanced and ready.

We intend to release the game as a Core Box Set, including both Faction Core Decks (60 cards each) and both Faction Core Expansion Decks (30 cards each). This will provide players with the necessary to get started playing the game and customising their decks. Following initial release (or perhaps as Kickstarter Stretch Goals) we will release further themed expansions to provide a wealth of deck building options and more involved game play. We'll share more information on these in the near future, and may well seek outside playtesting on those too! Moving forward, we are now focusing on preparing our Kickstarter campaign which we hope to run in May.

We still encourage people to try out the game and offer up their thoughts and feedback. Although we believe the core game is balanced and release-ready, we are still open to further feedback, especially regarding the Rule Book, the future expansions or Kickstarter campaign.

The PnP version of the Core Decks and the Rule Book have all been updated to the latest versions, and the Core Expansion decks added for download too.

A big thank you to all who have got involved so far and to those still to join us on the battlefield! We will keep you all updated on our progress.

For more information about the game check out our website.

To join our community, head over to our forum.

You can download the latest play tester Rule Book here.

A Sequence of Play example is also available here

Print and Play sets for the two Core Decks available here: Allied Core Deck | Axis Core Deck

Many Thnaks, we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield and are open to any questions you may have.
Pondfoot Development Team

[align=justify]Pondfoot Games is a newly established indie game company, currently consisting of two members: Jeremy Stout and Tom Fisher. We have each been gamers in some form (tabletop, rpg, card, computer etc) for over 20 years and have a desire to try and bring some of our accumulated game design ideas to life. Fog & Friction WWII is our first major project of its type and the first game we are trying to bring to market. We are a small and friendly, yet professional, company and we would very much appreciate any support or feedback people can offer. After all, we are all gamers who just want more good games available!


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Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:03 pm

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Some Game Update News!

Development and testing is going well. Due to some excellent feedback and in preparation for the new format Expansion packs (currently in development) we have made a few changes to the rules. There is nothing major, mostly just small changes and clarifications to make the game more fun and easier to play.

As a result, we have updated the downloadable Rule Book and Core Deck PnP files to reflect the new changes. Don't worry if you have already printed v1.1 of the PnP cards, updating them to the new rules is easy. A full list of the changes and instructions on how to update v1.1 cards, can be found in THIS THREAD.

The OP links have been updated to reflect the latest versions.

The current Rulebook is version 2.1
The current PnP version is 1.2

The new Expansion packs will be announced in detail in about 2 weeks and will be made available as PnP downloads.

Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:37 pm

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Hello Commanders,

So things have been a bit quiet for a few weeks, but we have not been idle! Following further playtesting and feedback we now believe we have the core game at a release-ready version. The Core Decks seem well balanced and working as intended, so it is now time to move forward! We have started planning our Kickstarter campaign which we hope to run throughout May, so we will keep you all updated on progress.

The latest update includes the following changes:

The card design has been tweaked slightly to place the rules box below the picture, which we feel has a nicer balance to it and gives the picture some more prominence on the card.

The Battlefield draw mechanic has been tweaked so players draw alternately from their own Battlefield and no longer mix them together into a single draw deck.

The Rule Book has also been updated with various minor tweaks and clarifications, and all the graphics have been updated to reflect the new card design.

There has been a small change to the Core Deck lists to finalise balance.
We have re-worked and finalised how Expansion Decks will work. Each Core Deck now has a Core Expansion deck (30 cards) which will be released with it as part of the Core Game Set. This will give players a starting point from which to customise their decks. These expansions will have a mix of cards found in the Core Decks, to help you tweak your deck and adapt your play, as well as a few new special rules to introduce other possibilities. Following release (or possibly as Kickstarter stretch goals) we will release further themed expansion decks focusing on specific areas to allow for deeper deck and tactics choices. We will share more about these in the near future.

The downloadable PnP version of the Core Decks have been updated to reflect the latest version, and the Core Expansion Decks are also now available as PnP files!

Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:43 pm

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Hello all!

Proud to announce that Fog & Friction is now available on Kickstarter!

head on over to the Campaign Page to check out the game and available rewards!


Fri May 01, 2015 8:06 pm

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Dear Commanders,

Following a slow start to the campaign and communication with a our Kickstarter backers, we have received some fantastic feedback, both encouraging and constructively critical. Not only have we attracted the backing of some very experienced Kickstarter users, but also from some first-timers, so it is clear to us we are doing something right with Fog & Friction WWII!

The response to the game itself has been very positive, so we are happy in the knowledge the game is solid and you want it published, which is great! The reality is we tried to Kickstart the project too early, before raising enough awareness and following for the game. So in light of the feedback, and in line with our own feelings, we have decided to suspend the current Kickstarter and relaunch it later in the year. This is a strategic withdrawal, not a retreat!.. and certainly not us dressing up a defeat in Dunkirk propaganda!

Adapt and Overcome
We hope that re-launching the project will put us in a much stronger position to have a successful Kickstarter and get the game into your hands! It will allow us to do three main things:
1. Correct our accounting error and lower the overall goal amount. We will also address the costing of the higher level pledges to reflect the new target and give better value for money.
2. Give us time to build a larger community around the game, spread the word and, perhaps most importantly, gather some independent third party previews/reviews.
3. Finalise the expansion decks for the stretch goal and manufacture some prototype play mats so we have them ready at the start of the campaign.

Obviously, we apologise for essentially failing you this first time and are now even more determined to be successful. Another Churchill quote seems appropriate here...

"You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."

Ok, so that's maybe a little melodramatic, but hopefully you appreciate the sentiment!

A Call to Arms!
So we are going to do all we can ourselves to push the game forward, but we also appeal to you for continued help and support. Please like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, chat about the game on forums and blogs, and help us fill out the BGG game page with lots of cool stuff! We also encourage you to sign up to our forums and discuss the game with us there, post up After Action Reports and share your ideas and suggestions.

We are in the process of approaching bloggers, reviewers and gaming clubs directly, but if you know of any interested parties or would like to write about the game yourself, please don't hesitate to contact us to see if we can help you in any way.

A big thank you for all your support and encouragement so far, without you we are a High Command with no Generals. It is for you we want to achieve victory!

Tom & Jeremy
Pondfoot Games War Office


Mon May 18, 2015 1:18 pm
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