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American rifles move into St Lo 
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So I managed to get one final game in for the campaign yesterday, ‘uge thanks to Steven and Arran for organising this, it’s given me more motivation to do some FoW stuff.

This time I thought I’d try the Americans, so I proxyed a CT US Rifle company

Company HQ with 2 bazookas
2 full strength rifle platoons with a bazooka each
2 section mortar platoon with a bazooka
4 M4A1 Shermans
A single Tank destroyer platoon
And a cav recon platoon

And the Germans

HQ with Panzerfausts
2 understrength Gren platoons
HMG platoon
4 Panzer IV H
3 Nebs.

We rolled up Free for all, had scattered hills and forests around and a village on my right flank. Objectives went out on each flank as far forward as possible. I won the roll to attack and put my mortars central left to cover my left flank objective and rifle platoon defending it. The other rifle platoon went central and all my mobile assets went on my right. The HQ bazookas went one to each rifle platoon.
The Germans mirrored my set up, holding on my left and mobile advance on my right.

Turn 1:
I advanced quickly, doubling everything that could be kept out of LOS. The Boche advanced a bit more cautiously.

Turn 2:
Moving my recce and TD further right to keep them hidden I positioned the Shermans around the village and started shooting up Panzer IVs, Bailing one and destroying another! My central rifle platoon advanced a tad further as well.
The Germans remounted the Panzer and returned fire, Destroying a Sherman and bailing two! His Gren platoons both advanced at the double to pressure my rifles.

Turn 3:
I kept the recce speeding up the flank, while I moved then popped the TDs in a lovely flanking position, with the combined fire of the TDs and Shermans destroying the Panzers.
His Grens pulled back to try and get to the objectives, while his Nebs destroyed my TDs!

Turn 4:
I got my Recce onto the Obj, and destroyed his Nebs with .50cal and mortar fire!The Shermans moved through the village to cover the direction the German infantry might come from.
The Grens couldn’t reach the objective so he called it there.

5-2 to the Americans as they move into the outskirts of St Lo.


Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:21 am
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