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British 50th vs. 352. Fusilierkompanie 
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British 50th Infantry vs. 352. Fusilierkompanie
Operation Overlord – Game 5 @ 1200 points


352.Fusilierkompanie (Jrcook625)

352.Fusilier Platoon 1 with 3 squads
352.Fusilier Platoon 2 with 3 squads
352.Fusilier Machine Gun Platoon with 3 MG42 HMG
Anti-Tank Gun Platoon with 3 PaK 40
OST Grenadier Platoon with 2 squads (CT)
StuG G Platoon 1 with 3 StuG G
StuG G Platoon 2 with 2 StuG G

1155 points


50th Infantry (tiger205)

HQ + troop carrier
1st Platoon with 3 squads
2nd Platoon with 3 squads
Carrier Patrol with 3 50cal MGs
Antitank platoon with 4 6#s and tranports
Mortar platoon with 4 tubes and transports
Breaching Group with 3 flails and 2 AVRE

1195 points

The mission was encounter with the Germans attacking. (I didn't think about it until I was writing up the report but the British should have automatically attacked because of the Breaching Group. As you’ll see it kind of corrected itself anyway.) We only got a few pictures of this battle with cell phones because the camera battery died during the last game.

The Germans started with one Fusilier platoon, the Fusilier MG Platoon, and the Antitank Gun Platoon on the table

The British started with their 1st platoon, Mortar Platoon, and Carrier Patrol on the table.

The game started with the Germans attempting to dig in the platoons guarding the objectives. The ground must have been pretty tough as no one succeeded on their first try. The British succeeded in digging in all the Infantry and Mortars while the Carrier Patrol started its mad dash into history. The RAF arrived as well but failed to find their target hiding in the woods.


The Germans then tried to dig in again and had a little better luck with the Antitank and HMG platoons completing their foxholes. The Fusilier Platoon became the target of the RAF again and this time suffered several casualties from the rocket attack.


The Antitank platoon was then caught in the flank by the carrier patrol and lost all three guns in the ensuing assault. The Platoon commander then retreated across the railway line and took cover leaving the British Carriers in control of the objective. At least for the moment. The antitank Platoon commander then skillfully escaped down the railway line and lived to fight another day.


After consolidating around the objective the carrier crew heard the sounds of tank tracks coming from the east. Both of the German Assault Gun platoons suddenly appeared and took aim at the Carrier Patrol. The situation went from good too bad in hail of shot from the assault guns. Two carriers were lost in the initial barrage. The command carrier, having survived then moved off to allow for the RAF to attack the assault guns. The Typhoons managed to kill one of the Strumgeshultz but missed the others. The remaining Assault Guns then finished off the Carrier Patrol commander just as the tanks of the 79th Breaching Group were entering the field.

At this point the game was called on account of time after 5 turns. A 2 – 1 to the Germans as neither side had captured an Objective and the British had lost one platoon.

And here is a shot of the train just for fun. There are a few more cars that didn't make the table.



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Sweet train!

WWPD coin #23

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