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Troy's return to FOW V4 LW 
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So... ;)

I downloaded the new Armies of LateWar book for my FOW digital app. I took a look and decided that BF had actually done a fairly decent job with their first offering for LW in V4.

So I designed out a list for my Brits, and headed off to Game Empire in Pasadena yesterday to dive back into V4 and see what I could learn about the other side of the current V4 experience.

Of course, everyone there wondered why I was there on FOW day. I allayed their fears that the world wasn't about to end, a Tsunami wasn't bearing down on the SoCal coast, and no comets had been sighted in the skies overhead. The four horsemen of the apocalypse were still sleeping off their last hangover and wouldn't be riding across the landscape anytime soon.

Comets would, however, be on the table under my direction. My 1515 pt force for the day was
Motor Platoon HQ
2x Motor Platoons
Univ Carrier Platoon (one with 50cal)
2x 2-gun 6pdr platoons
Comets (3x) can you say "17 pdrs with Semi-indirect fire baby!!!!"
Achilles (2x)
Sexton (4x)
25pdr (4x)
Observer Rifle team

Once terrain was installed on tables, pairings were set and I had the opportunity to take on Kevin's Finns. Unfortunately, the Finish force wasn't decked out in awesome party shirts like Kevin, but they were still challenging. We ended up playing Encounter with Scattered delayed reserves.


Overall, a fun game. Kevin got his reserves, one each opportunity. My reserves (the Comets and Achilles) were all hanging out at the pub, having just one more pint... When their commander actually rousted their lazy arses back into their tanks, the comets showed up at the wrong end of the table, and the Fins drove my lads off the objective in turn 6 to take the win.


After lunch, we returned and Richard volunteered to harass my Brits with his Germans. We ended up rolling Rearguard with Richard defending.

My forces pressed in and did some damage. He had to keep withdrawing platoons and kept moving his infantry to stay out from under my templates. I finally drove his force off of the objective to my left in turn 8, after he almost broke my company in turn 7. Fortunately, some of my lads really wanted to hang around and keep the fight going.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
1. The Great: Kevin's Party shirt gets a thumbs up

2. The Good: The AoLW book is a good product. It brings V4 into LW, and applies the format without the bad side of MW (the $@%#$% command cards). The book sticks with the V3 pointing system - but applies the discounts for redundant teams.

3. Bad: The army unit cards were not available yet, and I haven't seen the new book pop up on Forces of War. A quick spreadsheet took care of the army list, but my iPad battery was getting drained as I used the FOW app to flip back and forth for stats.

my "Comets" cleverly disquised as Cromwells!

4. Meh to OK: The unit cards. Not a bad idea. But I'm still a list person. I've seen too many tables that have more area devoted to the unit cards than area full of models. The cards can get out of control, but the powers at BF seem to believe that Cards are like Plastic (see Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate").

5.The ugly: Some of the v4 rules are still in the What the #$*%^# did they do that for? range: Morale rules being the biggest. I'm still not thrilled with the artillery rules and spotter rules.

However, an honorable mention for the AoLW book. Judging by what the lists in the AoLW book provide, Mortars are about to become slightly less effective. In order to take an observer, all of the armies in the AoLW book are required to field a regular artillery battery. A force with no arty beyond Mortars doesn't get the spotter. That is a step in the right directions for the game.

So, will I play again? Yep. It's a playable game. Radically altered from V3. It's still outside of my style "Version 4, the game where you're always attacking ... even when defending"

Will I play MW? That would be a big fat negative. Sorry. That business model is still broken for me, with the shallow books, broken command cards and ridiculous pointing system. If they redo MW like they just did with AoLW, I could give it a go. But not the way they currently have MW. All of the flavor of the desert campaign game I loved in V3 is pretty much gone.

"You can never have ENOUGH Panthers." - Field Marshall Malcolm VonHee

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