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Men of War Assault Squad 
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So anyne play this ? I picked it off Steam yesterday and have been enjoying it. But talk about serious micromangement. While in Company of heroes you control entire squads. Men of War allows you to control every single solider of the squad. Say a bunch of german infantry is pinned down by a sherman you can select one of the grenadiers find the AT grenade and try to knock out the sherman without getting shot. Panzergrenadiers, SAS, Rangers all carry two AT grenades and four frags and two smoke grenades while normal infantry carries half that amount. And every single unit can run out of ammo or if you need to set up defenses you need to call up a supply truck for ammo or pionner truck for wire, bags, mines or tank traps. Even the heavy weapons like AT guns and Heavy Machine guns have limited ammo. Now the one thing I dont like is accuarcy. I'm doing a skirmish called Operation Batleaxe and I'm using tanks that werent avaibile for another two years. But still fun to play. Countries avaibile are germany, soviet union, usa, japan and commonwealth


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Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:24 pm

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Prepare for a bit of rambling commentary, haha.

Excellent game if I can throw in my 2 cents. I honestly prefer it over CoH due to the unforgiving nature and mandatory use of mostly real world tactics. Every soldier is useful and too valuable to squander, but at the same time dispensable. You can throw a couple scouts ahead of your main force and have them assess a situation and figure out weak points and if you lose them it's no big deal, but at the same time it decreases the fighting ability of the unit they were pulled from. There is no traditional base building here, you fight for strategic points and the more points you get, the more reinforcements you can call on. Due to longer weapons ranges, you can actually create ambushes with AT guns and spot for distant artillery (which is absolutely devastating to infantry). There is no charging massive blobs of infantry that can cross the map in less than 30 seconds it can take up to five minutes to move infantry across large maps and it is very unlikely that you ever will due to men moving at realistic speeds. The game play is slower, but more intense due to how quickly a unit can be wiped out if not controlled properly against a coordinated attack. It's really a pity that not as many people play it as CoH due to it being less traditional rts where there is generally formulas for victory like what to build when or what units to spam, like Age of Empires or Star Craft and more realistic in general and therefore having a steep learning curve to be competent at.

That said, I still enjoy CoH quite a bit, especially if I'm playing with a bunch of friends for fun. If I want a game that makes me think and manage my forces like a real commander would, I go to Assault Squad. It's not everybody's cup of tea as I know many are looking for a game that fit the traditional rts build, but for someone fascinated with WWII and the actual tactics, I don't think it can be beat.

My only wish is that weapons ranges were even longer to reflect reality even closer.

In regards to the micromanagement of ammo and supplies, it seems that AS2 has fixed that issue.

Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:42 pm
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I love this game, havn't played it in nearly a year though, I once won a game by digging in with my main force and infiltrating a single squad of Brit Paras behind enemy lines using direct control and capturing the enemy point while simultaneously taking out a particularly annoying panther supported by enemy troops.

I dislike how stupid the AI at the individual soldier level. They never take cover or go prone when under fire unless told to do so. They won't retreat unless forced to and therefore infantry can be a bit useless at times.


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What you can do is put your soldiers on free movement, rather than hold position. They will go prone, take cover and take the fight to the enemy if you don't have time to constantly micro manage them like in single player. If you are defending a static line, I wouldn't recommend it, but it's great if you are pushing on multiple fronts or with more than a squad of guys. If you have them just advance and not run they will generally be pretty smart too, going prone in fields or if you remove hold position they will use decent fire and maneuver tactics.

Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:51 pm
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